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Dental veneers provide an excellent cosmetic dentistry option to enhance your appearance with a natural and a healthy smile and a set of whiter teeth.  

Veneers can help you if you have cracked chipped or discolored teeth. Veneers can also be helpful in treating gaps in teeth and their misalignments up to some extent.

Dental Veneers 101

Dental veneers are thin shells of transparent or porcelain resins that bind with natural teeth and give a good look. They also provide strength to the teeth and are a safer treatment option that does not even require anesthesia and much preparation in many cases.

Dental Veneers Treatments

Electing to place veneers over the front of your visible (“smile zone”) teeth enables you to mask aesthetic concerns such as:

Chipped enamel
Misshaped teeth
Stains and discoloration 
Accepting dental veneers is a big decision as the process is permanent and cannot be reversed.  Lysette Gonzalez Dental provides professional advice regarding veneers in Cutler Bay.   

You can contact us to learn more about the process, costs and advantages of veneers in Cutler Bay.  We have the best techniques and materials to help you achieve a healthy smile with the best veneer treatment. We believe in offering a customs designed treatment plan to every patient.

Lysettte Gonzalez Dental has already provided veneers treatment to many in Cutler Bay, FL. Request your consultation for your dental veneers today.  

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