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A root canal therapy (also known as endodontic treatment) is a procedure performed in order to preserve a tooth that is infected and would otherwise need to be extracted.

There are many reasons why a tooth can become infected.  Some common cuases include cavities, previous large fillings, crowns, cracks, trauma and extreme wear.

Root Canal Procedure

Inside the tooth, under the hard layer of enamel, lies the pulp chamber, a soft tissue that contains blood, blood vessels and nerves.  Beneath this pulp, in the roots of the teeth, inflammation can cause pain and infection.


During a root canal treatment, the nerves within pulp chamber and roots are removed.  After proper cleaning and disinfecting, the roots are filled with a special material called gutta percha.  

Undergoing root canal therapy is treatment of choice in order to save the tooth that otherwise would die and must be extracted.  Many patients believe that removing a problematic tooth is the best (and most economical) solution.  But, extracting, or pulling a tooth, could ultimately be costlier and cause significant problems for adjacent teeth.  Furthermore, it could also cause bone loss. 

Post root canal treatment

It is very important to have a permanent restoration (usually a crown) placed within 30 days of the root canal.  If a permanent restoration is not placed, the tooth can fracture or further decay to the point where the root canal must be re-done or, worse, the tooth must be extracted.

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